Prestige Inc. will provide for repair to the sheet metal of your vehicle with Paintless Dent Removal. The following terms, conditions and limitations apply.

The warranty applies to the panels on your vehicle in which repairs where made using the Paintless Dent Removal methods performed by Prestige Inc. It covers your vehicle under your subsequent ownership during the warranty period. The warranty only applies to the panels that are repaired by Prestige Inc. and/or its certified technicians.

The warranty period relates exactly to the warranty period provided by the manufacturer of your vehicle for coverage of defects in the paint finish and corrosion. We, at Prestige Inc., warranty that our process will not compromise the maintenance of the finish or corrosion resistance of the sheet metal panels on your vehicle for the length of your lease or ownership. In the event of a sale or end of lease term of your vehicle, the said sale date or lease termination date is the also the date that your warranty period expires on the vehicle. Under no condition will there be any warranty claims made after vehicle changes ownership.

To obtain warranty repairs you must first check the paint finish of the manufacturer and its limitations as to causes of defects. Specifically, Prestige Inc. warranty is limited to defects caused by Prestige Inc. paintless dent removal repairs. For all warranty claims call, 1.866.995.HAIL, to arrange for review of your damage or to have the necessary repairs authorized in your area.

You are responsible for keeping the records of your paintless dent removal repair and presenting these records to Prestige Inc. Records include this warranty and completion sheet or invoice showing the amount of the previous repairs and panels that were repaired and also any other documents provided by Prestige Inc. Failure to present said records may result in denial of your damage claim. Check your manufacture warranty for a full list of exclusions.

Furthermore, Prestige Inc. would like to thank you for your business. We realize that you may have many choices when it comes to the removal of hail damage and/or minor dents to your vehicle and we appreciate and value your business. At Prestige Inc., we pride ourselves on a 100% repair and a 100% customer satisfaction.
Thank You.

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