Over the past 20+ years paintless dent repair (PDR) has come along way. Prior to the 1990’s very few PDR technicians were available, even less people knew it existed, and no insurance company recognized it as a method of repair. In the early 1990’s the PDR industry started to catch on and people started to take notice. It became a more popular repair on minor door dents and dings and now most hail damage. Insurance companies started to take notice too and began to observe and study the capabilities of PDR. Insurance companies wanted to make sure that PDR had no after affects associated with it like, cracking of the paint, or fades or chips in the paint, or making the metal weaker in the spot where there once was a dent. Before recommending a repair to their customer they wanted it to be a lasting proven repair. Fast forward 10 years, with all the advancement in the PDR industry, both tools and technicians, PDR has become a mainstream repair. Not only do insurance companies worldwide recommend PDR as their method of repair, most require it. PDR saves time, money and your vehicle’s factory finish, and if properly preformed, it is a 100% undetectable repair.


You got caught out in a nasty hail storm and you now have dents all over your car. The natural reaction is to think that filing a claim will hurt your insurance rates, but not true at all. A hail loss claim will file as a comprehensive claim and will not raise your premium and cannot drop or cancel your policy. It is one of the few claims you can file with your insurance company that won’t count against you. Still not sure about filing that claim?… call your local agent and ask them about filing a hail loss claim. They will confirm this is true.


After filing the claim, your insurance company will generally set you up with an appointment to meet with an adjuster that will do the initial appraisal for you. Depending on the damage in your area, some insurance companies set up catastrophe centers and will direct you there for your initial appraisal. After meeting with your adjuster you are ready to find a shop to work with that will help get your vehicle back into shape. Some insurance companies might give you a list of their preferred shops for your repairs, but remember, you as the policy holder have the right to choose where and when you take your vehicle. Only repair shops under contract with your insurance company will be on that list and that means that that repair facility works directly for your insurance company, not you, and is not able to help with the little things, like your deductible. Prestige Inc. will not be on that list but we can and will work directly with your insurance company on your behalf to insure the highest quality repair at the proper level is approved. Prestige Inc. can also confidently offer all of our customers a local lifetime written warranty and stand tall behind it. We guarantee 100% satisfaction or you owe us nothing, plain and simple! Come and stop by anyone of our facilities today and see why more and more people around the country have put their trust in us when it comes to all paintless dent repair needs.

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