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What is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is an insurance industry-recognized repair process that removes hail dents or other types of dents from a vehicle's exterior without disturbing the finish. Using fluorescent lighting, or in some cases state of the art led lighting, allowing the technician to see the shadows, highs and lows created by the deformation of a dent. The most common method of paintless dent repair utilize metal rods and body picks that range in shape and sizes to push and massage the dents out from the under side of the body panel. When the underneath side of a panel is not accessible specially designed glue and tabs may be used to form a temporary bond allowing the technician to pull the dents out without harming or damaging the paint. Paintless Dent Repair can be used generally on both aluminum and steel panels. Come by today and see why paintless dent repair is the right repair for you.

What are the advantages of PDR?

PDR (Paintless Dent Repair), restores your vehicle back to its original condition, pre-damage, without having to bondo, repaint and ruin the finish to your vehicle . Your original factory finish is the best finish that your vehicle will ever have. Repainting any portion of your car could and in most cases devalue your vehicle. PDR also saves you time and in most cases money because an average hail repair can take anywhere from a few hours up to 3 days where a body shop or conventional repair normally a minimum of 3 days up to several weeks depending on the severity of the damage.

Why Prestige?

We understand that you could have many choices when it comes to the repair of your hail damaged vehicle and that choosing the right shop is sometimes hard to do. We are here to show you that that choice isn’t as hard as you think. Prestige and its staff are some of this industries pioneers. With over 60 years of combined experience between the owners, we are sure that we have the knowledge and ability you need to make this a quick and easy repair experience. Our technicians are hands down, the best in the industry because we hold such a high standard of excellence. All of our repair facilities and mobile equipment are appealing and inviting, giving you an experience that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Call us or stop by one of our facilities today and you will see and feel the difference.

I have Hail Damage on my vehicle, What do I do?

The first thing you should do is contact your insurance company and report the damage. You will need to know the date of loss and where the damage happened. They will also ask you several other specific questions pertaining to the hail damage to your vehicle. Your insurance company will then setup a claim for you and issue you a claim number then will usually have one of their own appraisers inspect your vehicle. Depending on the severity of damage in your area your insurance company may set up a temporary catastrophe center where they will have a group of adjustors that will evaluate your vehicle.

However, at Prestige we make it easy, once you have your claim filed and have a claim number our experienced prestige sales and service staff can handle your claim for you, from arranging the initial inspection all the way to the completed repair. Our standard is to make this a quick, hassle free and comfortable process from start to finish.

Will the dent come back or will it harm the paint during the process?

Absolutely not, because of the advances in the auto industry with flexible paint and thinner lighter metal your paint actually bonds and can stretch with your metal allowing us to gently push, message and reshape the metal back to it original form without compromising the integrity of your paint or metal.

Does an insurance claim make my rates go up?

No, Hail damage is a natural event that you have no control over. For this reason, hail damage is filed under comprehensive and not collision. Still not sure….Call your insurance agent, they will explain how a hail loss claim works.

How much will an estimate cost and do I need an appointment?

You can stop into one of our convenient repair facilities anytime, No appointment is necessary and all evaluations are free! In just a matter of minutes a qualified and professional estimator will evaluate your vehicle explain the process of the repairs and go over your estimate with you. However, you may want to allow yourself a little extra time to watch a free demonstration and meet our friendly staff and certified technicians who will be performing your repairs. Prestige only uses the highest quality seasoned technicians on the globe to ensure your 100% satisfaction 100% of the time!!!!! Stop by today and you will notice the difference.

I’m ready to get my car fixed, do I need an appointment now?

Yes, but because we want to make this easy for you our goal is to work around your schedule. You tell us what is good for you and our Prestige staff will figure out a way to make it happen. From picking you up, to delivering the vehicle back to you when we are done, to providing you with a free rental during the repairs, you tell us how we can help you. We are just a call away.

Do you have a Warranty and if you are here only temporarily how does it work?

Yes, Prestige has a lifetime written warranty that covers you for as long as you own your vehicle. Even after we have left your area Prestige will stand behind any and every repair made by offering a locally serviced warranty. If you ever had any questions or concerns about your repair call us up and we would then coordinate with local repair facilities in your area to resolve your problem in a quick and professional manner. We take pride in everything we do and we are not satisfied until you are. You will notice the difference even long after we are gone.